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Brand Identity Names at Paypal.ME Now

Brand identity is such an important part of doing business whether it is online, B2B or B2C. Paypal understands that and has just launched Paypal.ME. This is a way to put your brand name right on your URL that asks for payment. You have to grab that name fast, though....

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Copyright Free Images for Your Website or Blog

Copyright-free images are not what you need when you’re looking for great photos for your website. You need big, beautiful photos, but who can afford a photographer or pay thousands of dollars every year to Getty Images? If you do not do amazing work with a Nikon or...

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Custom Writing To Comply With Google

Custom writing became vital this week in Google’s latest round of penalties. Google has been warning website owners that they need to be mobile friendly or else they’d be dropped from the top of search results. But, there was even more to these penalties as...

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Copy Writing

Excellent copy on your website is vital if you want to convert those visitors to sales. Here is what good copy writing is and how to get it for your site.

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Professional Blog Writing Service

Sure, it costs hard earned money to hire a writer, but the money you spend will come back to you many fold in increased sales. It is the least expensive advertising you’ll ever buy, and the content keeps working on and on.

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How to Start Blogging

Here are some tips on how to start blogging. If you do not do your blog properly and with search engine optimization in mind, it can easily hurt your website traffic. The days when you could just write your innermost thoughts for the amusement of your customers are...

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Copywriting Improves Sales

Copywriting is what the writing is called that is your sales pitch on promotional materials and advertising. A small business website needs to be copywritten also. It is an important part of your company's presentation. These days, it is likely the first thing a...

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How to Write an Article

How to write an article when you are writing for SEO on your website can be a little tricky. You need to pick an article topic that is what your potential customers are searching for. That topic is your keyword phrase. Then you need to make that article interesting...

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Content on Your Site and Live Chat

Content on your website is done and beautiful – check. You have lots of pretty photos – check. Your website’s content is well written with great copywriting – check. What more could you need? Live chat is the next step. Content Content is King, as they say. However,...

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